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Torque Rider

開発者 VAiPho. Vehicular Apps in Phones
2 usd

Note! This app is an extension to Torque Pro and needs it to function properly.Unleash the power of the classic Knight Industries Two Thousand!Tune your dashboard with the look and feel of THE MOST AMAZING car in the world - K.I.T.T, the unforgettable black beauty featured in the 80s hit series Knight Rider.We can’t give you Michael’s hairdo and way with women - those are up to you - but we can put you in the hotseat and make your trip to the mall 180% more exciting.
Here’s what you get with Torque Rider:
* Real-time actual RPM and Speed views* Six customizable LED bar indicators* A talking speech synthetizer that doesn't really talk!* A crazy cool LED curve indicating rounds per minute* A power trip like no otherRequirementsHardware: Any ELM327-compabible Bluetooth dongle. Basically, if your Torque Pro works with it, it works with Torque Rider.Software: Requires Torque Pro pre-installed on your device.
The app will start on its own but will lack all its Artificial Intelligence. Sorry.The graphics have been optimized for 4-7" displays, starting from 800x480px and up to 1920x1080px and even higher. If you need any device optimizations, feel free to request them.